Blue 6" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattresses
Blue 6" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattresses
These gel memory foam mattresses utilize only the cooling gel infuse technology. The mattresses also minimize the impact and movement of your sleep partner's movements so you can get a perfect night of sleep. They are of different thickness 6 inch,8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch. The low profile 6 and 8 inch comes in two layers whereas the 15 inch comes with four layers. The inner cover is fire retardant and the heavy thick fabric/microfiber outer cover protects the mattresses. These mattresses come with a non slip bottom. These mattresses are CFR 1633 and 1632 certified. They are all reasonable priced and comes vacuum packaged easy to open. They come with a 10 year manufactures warranty. Each size and thickness are priced according to size and thickness.
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